Daily Life in Regency England

Daily life in Regency England

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For the fashionable ladies and gentlemen, the day did not begin until about 10:00. Servants were up at the crack of dawn making ready breakfast and the household chores, to keep their masters and mistresses in the comfort they enjoyed.

Shopkeepers like chandlers opened up around 10:00. Morning calls started well past noon most often between three and four o'clock hours. The evenings were spent in preparation for outings, dinners, or social calls.

The life of miners, servants, and others of the working class was very different. Work started at sunrise and ended for most at sunset.

Some, even in the Ton, began to wonder if materialism claimed too much of a focus in their daily lives. Many started to hunt for truth. Unrest grew and lead to strikes and violence. Some turned to ale and drugs, particularly opiate Dover pills to soothe broken spirits. Others answered the call for spiritualism and began a desire for true worship.

Daily Life in Regency England

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